Kashiwa Beads New Year Holiday Events #1

Kashiwa Beads New Year Holiday Events #1

Happy New Year!

We are having some Demo&Sale events:

● Until 1/8(Mon – Holiday)
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store
7th Floor Event Hall
Japanese Craftsmen’s Skill Exhibition

※ Closed at 6pm on 12/31 and 1/8
※ Closed on 1/1(Mon – Holiday)

We are introducing bags and accessories that you can use this season,
and demonstrate how bead embroidery is done.

▶︎ Other Demo&Sale events

・ 12/26(Tue)~ 1/4(Thurs)
Tobu Department Ikebukuro Store
※ Closed on 1/1

Hankyu Umeda Department Store

・Kashiwa Beads Asakusa Store will be closed on 12/31 (Sun)

▶︎▷▶︎ Upcoming events
・1/3(Wed)~ 1/8(Mon)
Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store

・1/10(Wed)~ 1/15(MOn)
Yokohama Takashimaya

・1/24(Wed)~ 1/30(Tue)
Omiya Takashimaya

・1/25(Thurs)~ 1/31(Wed)
Fukuya Hachobori Department Store

We hope to see you there!