Beads Embroidery Class in January

Beads Embroidery Class in January

Hello everyone!


We’d like to announce our beads embroidery class schedule in January.

We have some beginning classes held at our Asakusa Shop on the 2nd floor.
One class consists of two (2) 2-hour hands-on lessons.
Class tuition is ¥21,600 including tax, materials and finishing service.

January classes will be held on:

Max of 5 students per class

* We’ll take February class applications.

Please give us a note if you have any questions.
email to:

▶︎ Current Demo&Sale events

・ ~ 1/4(Thurs)
Tobu Department Ikebukuro Store
※ Closed on 1/1
※ Will be closed at 6pm on the last day.

・)~ 1/8(Mon)
Ginza Mitsukoshi Department Store

・)~ 1/8(Mon)
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
7F Event Hall
“TAKUMI NO WAZA” exhibition

▶︎▷▶︎ Upcoming events

・1/10(Wed)~ 1/15(Mon)
Yokohama Takashimaya

・1/17(Wed)~ 1/22(Mon)
Shizuoka Matsuzakaya

・1/24(Wed)~ 1/30(Tue)
Omiya Takashimaya

・1/25(Thurs)~ 1/31(Wed)
Fukuya Hachobori Department Store

We hope to see you there!