Coming-of-age Day

Coming-of-age Day

Hello everyone,

Today is Coming-of-age Day.
There will be a ceremony at Asakusa Public Hall to celebrate new 20-year-olds in Taito-ku area.
You can see a lot of young folks in traditional kimono and hakama.

If you have anyone in your family who will become 20, please come and see the bead products.
We have matching bead bag and zori sandals, and of course we will take custom orders, too.

Current events:

Today, 1/8 (Mon) until 8:00pm
Ginza Mitsukoshi 7F Event Hall
“Japanese lifestyle tools”

Today, 1/8 (Mon) until 6:00pm
Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi 7F Event Hall
“Craftsmen’s skills”

Upcoming events:

・1/10(Wed)~ 1/15(Mon)Yokohama Takashimaya
・1/17(Wed)〜1/22(Mon)Shizuoka Matsuzakaya
・1/24(Wed)~ 1/30(Tue)Omiya Takashimaya
・1/25(Thurs)~ 1/31(Wed)Fukuya Hachobori Store

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Asakusa Shop is closed on Wednesdays.
We are open everyday until 1/23 (Tue).