Today is the fist day of spring

Today is the fist day of spring

Hello everyone,

Today is “Risshun” the first day of spring in the old Japanese calendar.
You might want to start organizing spring clothes and accessories.

We’d like to show you an example of our bead bag maintenance.
The photos show the original inner fabric that was creme color.
After using it for about 3 years, it needed be updated and was replaced with the green fabric.

Green is the color of healing.
And also considered a lucky color with a stable energy to bring in a lot and keep them.
With the replacement of the inside fabric, it looks new and has a totally different appearance even though nothing has changed outside.
Beads hardly get dirty and the colors stay the same for a long time.
That is one good character of bead embroidered bags.

▶︎▶︎▶︎ Upcoming Events

Hokkaido and Tohoku area
・3/8 (Thurs)~3/13(Tue) Tokyu Department Sapporo Store
・3/20(Tue) ~3/27(Tue) Fujisaki Department

Kanto area
・2/7 (Wed) ~ 2/13(Tue) Daimaru Tokyo Store
・2/8 (Thurs)~ 2/12(Mon) Aeon Mall Makuhari
・2/15(Thurs)~ 2/20(Tue) Sogo Yokohama Store
・2/16(Fri) ~ 2/22(Thurs)Tokyu Kamiooka Store
・2/22(Thurs)~ 2/28(Wed) Sogo Omiya Store

Kansai area
・3/14(Wed)〜3/20(Tue) Daimaru Kobe Store
・3/23(Fri)〜3/29(Thurs)Sogo Hiroshima Store

Kyushu area
・2/21(Wed) ~ 2/26(Mon)Izutsuya Kurosaki Store
・3/7 (Wed) ~ 3/13(Tue)Tsuruya Department Store
・3/15(Thurs)〜 3/21(Wed)Tokiha Main Store

Kashiwa Beads Asakusa Shop
Closed Wednesdays

We hope to see you soon!!