Current Demo&Sale Events

Current Demo&Sale Events

Hello everyone,

We are having our Demo&Sale events at the following department stores.
When you have time, please stop by and enjoy the beauty of the bead embroidered bags.

●● Currently at:

Hankyu Umeda Store in Osaka
At 9F Event Hall
“the 20th Japanese Craftsmen”
Until 4/9 (Mon)

Kokura Izutsuya Department Store
At 8F Event Hall
“the 32nd Great Edo Exhibition”
Until 4/9 (Mon)

▶︎▶︎▶︎ Current and Upcoming Events

Kanto area
・4/18(Wed) ~ 4/23(Mon) Saitama prefecture, Maruhiro Kawagoe Store
・5/10(Thurs)~ 5/15(Tue) Chiba prefecture, Tobu Funabashi Store
・6/6 (Thurs)~ 6/12(Tue) Saitama prefecture, Sogo Omiya Store
・6/12(Tue) ~ 6/18(Mon) Chiba prefecture, Sogo Chiba Store
・6/13(Wed) ~ 6/19(Tue) Tokyo, Daimaru Tokyo Store

Tokai Area
・5/23(Wed) 〜 5/29(Tue) Aichi prefecture, JR Nagoya Takashimaya
・6/27(Wed) ~ 7/3 (Tue) Aichi prefecture, JR Nagoya Takashimaya
・6/27(Wed) ~ 7/3 (Tue) Aichi prefecture, Entetsu Department Store

Kinki area
・4/4 (Wed) 〜 4/9 (Mon) Osaka, Hankyu Umeda Main Store
・4/11(Wed) 〜 4/18(Wed) Mie prefecture, Tsu-Matsubishi
・5/9 (Wed) 〜 5/14(Mon) Kyoto, Daimaru Kyoto Store
・6/20(Wed) 〜 6/26(Tue) Osaka, Takashimaya Osaka Store

Shikoku area
・4/17(Tue) 〜 4/22(Sun) Ehime prefecture, Matsuyama Mitsukoshi Store

Kyushu area
・4/4 (Wed) 〜 4/9 (Mon)Fukuoka prefecture, Izutsuya Kokura Store
・5/16(Wed) 〜 5/21(Mon)Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Kagoshima prefecture, Yamagayata
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Okinawa prefecture, Ryubo
・5/30(Wed) 〜 6/4 (Mon)Nagasaki prefecture, Hamaya Department Store

We do our best to update the schedule, however the schedule may change without notice. Please contact department stores or us to confirm.

We hope to see you soon!!

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Closed Wednesdays