Bead Embroidery Classes in May

Bead Embroidery Classes in May

Hello everyone,

Here’s our bead embroidery class schedule in May.

We have less class dates so please make sure you apply early.


Beginners course is for people who haven’t tried it.
We have classes all the way to the master’s course.

Beginner’s classes:
The class consists of two (2) 2-hour lessons.
Tuition is ¥21,600 (incl. material, finishing, and tax)

May classes:
※ UP to 5 students per class
※ Held on the 2nd floor of Asakusa shop
※ We are also taking June application

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.
Tel: ☆☆5828-4181
(Change ☆☆to 03)

Current and upcoming Demo&Sale events

◼︎ Kanto area
・5/9 (Wed) 〜 5/15(Tue)Omiya Sogo
・5/10(Thurs)〜 5/15(Tue)Funabashi Tobu

◼︎ Kansai area
・5/9 (Wed) 〜 5/14(Mon)Kyoto Daimaru
・5/23(Wed) 〜 5/29(Tue)Nagoya Takashimaya

◼︎ Shikoku, Kyushu area
・5/16(Wed) 〜 5/21(Mon)Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Kagoshima Yamagataya
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Okinawa Rhubo

◼︎◼︎ Asakusa shop hours
Closed Wednesdays
We’ll be open during Golden Week

We hope to see you soon!