From the 2nd floor of the Asakusa store

From the 2nd floor of the Asakusa store

Hello everyone,

The World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018 will start from tomorrow, 4/29.
There will be a TV program today to cheer the Japanese team.

TV Tokyo: 11:03 – 11:30
TBS TV: 26:08 – 26:38

If you see the female announcer playing ping pong, it took place on the 2nd floor of our Asakusa shop.

We use the 2nd floor for our bead embroidery classes.
When we don’t have classes, you can use is as a ping pong room.

Current and upcoming Demo&Sale events

◼︎ Kanto area
・5/9 (Wed) 〜 5/15(Tue)Omiya Sogo
・5/10(Thurs)〜 5/15(Tue)Funabashi Tobu

◼︎ Kansai area
・5/9 (Wed) 〜 5/14(Mon)Kyoto Daimaru
・5/23(Wed) 〜 5/29(Tue)Nagoya Takashimaya

◼︎ Shikoku, Kyushu area
・5/16(Wed) 〜 5/21(Mon)Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Kagoshima Yamagataya
・5/22(Tue) 〜 5/28(Mon)Okinawa Rhubo

◼︎◼︎ Asakusa shop hours
Closed Wednesdays
We’ll be open during Golden Week

We hope to see you soon!