We’ll be open on New Year’s Day

We’ll be open on New Year’s Day

Hello everyone,

2018 is about to end and we thank you very much for your kind support throughout the year.
We’ll be open on New Year’s Day and will have “Fukubukuro” – lucky bags.
We hope to see you then!

We’ll be open everyday from 1/1 to 1/8.

●●● Current Events:

● Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi
7F Event Hall
“Craftsmen of Japan and Their Supreme Skills”
12/26 (Wed)〜 1/7 (Mon)
New Year Hours:
1/2(Wed)Till 6:00pm
1/7(Mon)Till 6:00pm

●● Tobu Department Ikebukuro Store
8F Event Hall
“The 17th Japanese Craftsmen”
12/27(Thurs)〜 1/6(Sun)
※ Closed on 1/1 (Tue)

▶︎▶︎▶︎ Current and Upcoming Demo&Sale Events

<Kanto area>
12/26(Wed) ~ 1/7 (Mon) Tokyo, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Store
*Closed on 1/1
12/27(Thurs)~ 1/6 (Sun) Tokyo, Tobu Department Ikebukuro Store
*Closed on 1/1
1/3 (Thurs)~ 1/7 (Mon) Tokyo, Ginza Mitsukoshi
1/9 (Wed) ~ 1/14 (Mon) Kanagawa, Yokohama Takashikmaya
1/23 (Wed) ~ 1/29 (Tue) Saitama, Omiya Takashimaya
2/20 (Wed) ~ 2/26 (Tue) Saitama, Sogo Omiya Store
2/19 (Tue) ~ 3/5 (Tue) Tokyo, Matsuya Ginza

<Tokai area>
1/16 (Wed) ~ 1/21 (Mon) Shizuoka, Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Store

<Kinki area>
12/26(Wed) ~ 12/30(Sun) Osaka, Hankyu Umeda Main Store
1/16 (Wed) ~ 1/21 (Mon) Osaka, Hanshin Umeda Store

<Chugoku area>
1/24 (Thurs)~ 1/30 (Wed) Hiroshima, Fukuya
2/20 (Wed) ~ 2/25 (Mon) Okayama, Okayama Takashimaya

<Kyushu area>
2/6 (Wed) ~ 2/13 (Wed) Kagoshima, Yamagataya Kagoshima Store
2/27 (Wed) ~ 3/4 (Mon) Fukuoka, Izutsuya Kurosaki Store

We update our event schedule frequently, however, event schedule may change without notice. Please confirm the schedule with us or with the department stores.